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Everyone knows there is suffering in life; it's unavoidable and it happens to all of us. We try to counteract suffering with sense enjoyment, and that may give some relief. But it doesn't last, because no amount of sense enjoyment can remove the root cause of suffering.

Siddhartha Gotama, the Buddha, discovered an escape from the suffering of life. The Buddha's path removes the root cause of suffering, and we can experience this release in the here-and-now: first-stage enlightenment.

Dharma not dogma: The Dharmasar Solution is a fresh approach, avoiding the errors of religious Buddhism. It is a powerful synergy of practices drawn from multiple traditions giving immediate relief, leading to complete and permanent cessation of the suffering of life.

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The story of my life: I wanted the truth. I went looking for it. I didn't let anything stop me. I found it. And now I'm sharing it with you.”

meaning of dharmasar

dharma + sāra

Dharma means what is; the way it is; and why it is the way it is. It can also refer to the Buddha's teaching. And sāra means essence.

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The Dharmasar Solution is an extended series of courses on the most powerful techniques leading quickly and directly to first-stage enlightenment.

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Problems? Questions? Get support directly from Dharmasar. Spiritual and astrological consultation also available for an affordable donation.

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